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Amy Bella's expert advice on - AllAssignmentHelp

The Company does not fulfill Quality, Delivery and Support expectations.

Company claim to have best writers who are native of UK, US and Australia. But, the reality is different. Writer's language proficiency is bad.

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Company Overview

  • Serving Country: All countries(*No specific)
  • Headquarter: UK

Service Overview

  • Services: Essay, Dissertation, CDR
  • Discount: Yes (Sometimes)
  • Customers: Dissent number
  • Pricing: Competitive
  • Size: 320+ writers
  • Refund Policy: Yes (*Hard)

Company Information

The company has started its operation in 2013 and that can be true but its customer base can’t be greater than other companies who are older than AllAssignmentHelp. So, the claim to be the leader in the market seems incorrect.

Another point – On the website they are claiming to be present in three countries including USA, Australia and UK. But they forgot to mention the address of all these three places in their footer. At footer, they have mentioned just UK address. If they would have three locations, I believe they would have proud to write the address of other two locations as well (following img). This is again an act of fooling people.

The company claims to have great customer followings as they are good in quality services but the reality seems far away from their mission statement. As per my interactions with assignment help people (including my students as well) I found below average feedback from most of them.

Another point – The home page projects that the price starts with 9$ which is again a promotional stuff.  They have not mentioned the word counts. I believe, for 250 words 9$ is not a good choice. I have been in e-tutoring industry since 8 years; I know that a quality assignment can’t be delivered in such prices.

Assignment Quality

The quality of the assignments is not up to the mark. Not even a simple assignment written by master degree holder can definitely achieve “A” grade, because the assignments are being written by less qualified experts.

Their assignment can contain any of these  Grammatical errors, topic may not be covered completely etc.


The writer’s quality is extremely terrific. Why I’m saying this because I met an accident – In the past, I got a chance to work with international students on a research project, which has enabled me to mingle with them on academics basis too. I submitted my first project findings and that was accepted. But few of them got rejected. I viewed the project reports of those students and you know what I found – although their words were different, but their writing style was same. They have made the same grammatical errors. When I enquired, they named When I visited their website, an extremely qualified writer’s list was there. I do not expect such grammatical errors from a PhD or a postgraduate scholar.

What kind of quality they deliver to students that can be easily found through intelligent research.

What qualities they deliver to their customers can be found on the snapshots in the last section of this page. Most of these are student’s feedback that has trusted the company but didn’t get satisfied results.


Their price structure is reasonable. Their prices are similar to the competitors.

On the home page they project to have less price, which is just an act of fooling, because 9$ is the starting price for 250 words (which is for short write-up, for short answers) and for a quality assignment their prices are different.

Sometimes they offer 10% to 20% off on new orders. That is good to try.


The timely deliveries of the assignments are a big concern in the company. It is not because their operation team is not good but they have less no of content writers. On the website they claim to have 2200 staff on across the globe but the reality is different.

If you visit the expert section of their website, every page has 10 expert entries. Thirty second page is the last page. So they have shown 321 experts on their website. It is not that they wanted to show only these numbers but because I know they have less experts working with them.

On every season (Mar to Oct) lot of customers get disappoint due to not meeting the delivery deadlines. You can check the frustration level of these customers over internet. On various forums and platforms they don’t hesitate to write bad about the company.

After Sales Support

Their after sale services are average. Why I say this because they would support you in case of your legitimate demands, but not to the great extent.

If you get the assignment done by them and you need any amendment as the script has some grammatical errors. They would resend the same to their experts to make the corrections. Meanwhile, you found that the document does not have complete information about the topic – don’t expect their extended help for the second time.

Also if you have made the payments and you refused to accept low quality, then it is going to be a challenge. As they won’t assist you and you will have to go through a long refund process that may take one or two weeks to complete.

Refund Policy

Their refund policy is again subjective to the issue. Why I’m saying this because I am not sure about the trend.

They have refunded the money in some cases but not every time. If you claim plagiarism, past deadlines or any serious mistake from the company side, then after a long negotiation process you can expect the 50% refund in one or two weeks. But if you expect the refund in any other cases, I would say please don’t fool yourself.

Their refund policy – not appreciated in my views.

My Analysis

I have analyzed their website and their presence on internet. I can say, their presence on internet is not in dominance but they have spent good amount to get better raking on Google so that they are getting some business.

They are claiming to present in three countries but they hesitate to share all these location.

They claim to have 2000+ writers but in reality they have less than 500 writers, because in every season they fight hard to meet the deadlines.

Their assignment quality has got more negative reviews. The qualities of the assignments are not good to achieve good grades, because their experts are less qualified, while they show wrong profiles on their expert page.

Customers feedback over many other sites