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Amy Bella's expert advice on - AssignmentGeek

The website seems to lack in multiple expectations like Physical address, Experts information, term and conditions section and refund guidelines - which makes assignmentgeek non-legit.

To place an order or to request a quotation you need to first share your detail. This is not the professional way of operating.

They lure the customer to get discounts for bulk orders but there is no reliability of delivery and quality assurance.

Sorry, I do not recommend. There are lots of improvements which must be done as soon as possible if they want to exist in business.

Company Overview

  • Headquarter: No information (No Address on website)
  • Serving Country: Not specific

Service Overview

  • Services: Essay, Dissertation, Assignment
  • Discount: On first order and on bulk order
  • Customers: Less in number
  • Pricing: High (*competitively)
  • Size: 250+ writers
  • Refund Policy: Not mentioned on website

Company Information

In the first glance to the website, assignmentgeek seems a fake company but through thorough research on the internet shows some sign of its evidence.

The website has no information about their physical existence. The contact page just has mail and US phone number detail. I don’t understand what the level of professionalism they follow.

They do not share any information about their content writers, about customer satisfaction (through testimonials) and detailed about us page.

The website architecture is very different in comparison with other assignment writing services. This creates a negative impact on assignmentgeek review.

Assignment Quality

On the website, they do not share much information about content quality. They don’t even have testimonial section to gauge over their quality standards.

As per the review on other websites, it seems like they don’t have great customer satisfaction level. Users talk about their sub-standard assignment quality.

In some cases, plagiarized content also observed in the final copy of the assignment. I have shared few snapshots in the last of this page to understand the assignmentgeek review standard over quality.


The company does not talk anything about their content writers except few lines of good sentences praising themselves.

They claim to have more than 1000 writers but when I chat with their chat support executive – She told around 300, again false information. The reality is they don’t have even 300 writers as they are not much old in the market.

After doing thorough research on the internet, I could found mixed assignmentgeek reviews. But, the percentage of negative reviews was much higher.

In some review, more serious problems have seen that the writers use plagiarized content to spread over the internet. Some student discussion was based on assignmentgeek review, particularly their expert’s qualification. The outcome of the discussion was not in favour of assignmentgeek.


The competitive pricing is high in the industry.

For a general right-up of 250 words, they charge 15.79, whereas many good companies are offering the same in 10$ only.

Their editing services start at 10.53$ and proofreading at 8.95$ - which is much higher in the industry.

The pricing structure is highly irrelevant because assignmentgeek neither a brand name in the market that charge higher nor they are reliable, still their charges are higher.


This point adds some value in assignmentgeek review. Although they have mixed reviews on, on-time delivery of the orders but the majority is in their favour.

As they are new in the business they do not get much order so they do not struggle hard to complete the order in time. But during peak season their inconsistency can be observed.

After Sales Support

The website has one US phone number and a few mail IDs, only.

On the top of the website the contact number can be seen, some students said that they observed voice high interruption during the call, whereas some said it was dead (though I have not called myself).

The live support chat option also available on the website, which is good. I personally dropped a message to the chat section and waited some time to get the answer. I would not say the response time was high but, they can improve it as well.

Refund Policy

I don’t understand why people love to cut their feet while running an experiment. The website doesn’t have “Refund guidelines” nor they have “Term & Condition” section.

This is highly an unprofessional loophole that company should fix as soon as possible to gain customer’s trust.

While on the internet heading to assignmentgeek review search, you can easily find customer’s negative experience about their refund policy.

My Analysis

They have tried to formulate a new idea about their website and left much important information untouched.

I find many loopholes on the website and in their marketing strategy (no need to mention again as I have already covered above).

No company can go for a long run without gaining the customer’s trust. Nowadays this journey starts from a well-structured website.

Customers feedback over many other sites