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Amy Bella's expert advice on - AssignmentHelp4Me

I personally do not like their professional standards and their working style. They do not fulfil their promises to their customers.

On the website, they have shared fake reviews on themselves. No section which talks about their writers and their prices. No promotion and loyalty programs.

I would not recommend.

Company Overview

  • Serving Country: Not specific, all countries
  • Headquarter: Australia

Service Overview

  • Services: Essay, Dissertation, Assignment
  • Discount: Not usually
  • Customers: Less in number
  • Pricing: Competitive
  • Size: 300+ writers
  • Refund Policy: Yes (*very strict)

Company Information

This company is not much reliable. They have an unstructured website. They don’t talk about their experts and their qualification. What is the value for visitors who are visiting their RECENT QUESTIONS and DISCUSSIONS sections?

The company has two offices one in India and other in Australia (as per their website contact detail). But they claim to have global reach; yes they are correct to some extent, as anybody on the internet is not bounded to boundaries. But the orders that they get from these countries are very less.

If you visit their homepage they claim their existence for a decade, which is not correct, they are in the business for a few years only.

They claim to have 3000+ writers, which is again incorrect information as they struggle hard to meet deadlines. Any company can’t struggle to meet the deadlines even in peak season if they have strong supply back up.

They themselves have rated 4.9 on the scale of 5, which is highly irrelevant. The customer satisfaction level of this company is not that good that they can claim to have 98% (i.e, 4.9/5) satisfaction rate.

And what is the logic of giving word count tool on home page?

Assignment Quality 

The quality of the assignment is not appreciated. Cases have seen when students have got failed by submitting their assignments. And low quality is obvious because they don’t have qualified experts. They don’t afford qualified experts or they don’t want to pay high, whatever may be the reason but they should understand one thing – One unsatisfied customer can influence ten new customers not to buy their services. So they should put money in raising the quality standard of assignments.


This is their biggest lacuna. They have not grown enough that they can afford highly qualified writers. They don’t hesitate to take assignments which require higher expertise and by doing this they are losing their customers.

Indian labour is cheaper and that is why they have more writers from Indian origin. I agree, Indians are good scholars but they are not the experts of Native languages (Australian, American, and Canadian English) that’s why their assignments have higher chances to get caught.


Their Prices are competitive but not low. You will not find any discussion about the price on their website except one line on the home page.  

Usually, they don’t run discounts. They don’t offer any loyalty benefits also.


This is another a big issue. They do not fulfil their promises for on-time delivery. During peak seasons they get short of writers. As they have less no of writers they struggle hard to meet the deadlines.

I have shown some snapshots which are mentioned in the last of this page stating that how are their delivery standards. Cases have found when they have denied refunding the amount because of deadline mismanagement.

After Sales Support 

Up to some standards, I want to appreciate their support service. They have clearly mentioned on their website that they are ready to accept substandard assignments to make necessary modifications. And this is what they follow but they take the request within a month.

If a student is not satisfied with the assignment he has right to ask for. But what if he needed a change after a month, he will get a big NO. As per one incident, one student has submitted his assignment in college. His professor went on leave. When his professor joined, he asked to do some changes but 35 days has been gone and the company has denied getting it done from the writers – This practice I don’t appreciate.

Refund Policy 

Their refund policy is very strict. They have clearly mentioned the guidelines on their policy page. Even in legitimate general cases, they do not offer the refund.

They claim to offer a 50% refund if you fail in the assignment and that is the bluff game. Even if they get the proper document stating the fail result, they do not except it easily and the refund process mat takes two to three weeks.

My Analysis 

Analyzing the back side of the website I got to know that the codes are not well written, nor upgraded.

Most of the content of the website is written to gain better search results (contents are search engine focused rather a user-focused). Unnecessary information which is useless (in perspective of a visitor), has covered just to gain better ranking in search engines.

They have rated themselves as the best in the industry. If you calculate their star voting, you can find that the 5star percentage is 65% out of total but they have voted 98% (4.9/5). This clearly shows their qualification standard.

They could have given some samples of the past work so that a new user can see and judge their standard level. They have not done this mistake, because they know by vising the sample student would change his mind to go on other sites.

They have shared the fake reviews on the website. These reviews are written by their own. If you do not believe go to the name of the reviewer and click. In spite of going on the review profile, you will land on the same page. Also, the form below to submit your review is not useful. Your review gets submitted but not get live.

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