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Amy Bella's expert advice on - AssignmentLand

The company shares no information about their existence on the website.

Their website is appealing and they would have spent a good amount in website ranking but they are not focusing much on the business coming through the website.

I don’t understand their marketing strategy of not having any phone number on the website. Their low standards compel me to write on assignmentland review.

They don’t share any information about their writers. They have a good number of writers but most of them are just graduate or still perusing graduation.

The testimonial section of the website is very unprofessional. It just has contained few reviews and these are written by the company itself in their own promotion.

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Company Overview

  • Headquarter: No information (No Address on the website)
  • Serving Country: Not specific

Service Overview

  • Services: Essay, Dissertation, Assignment
  • Discount: On the first order
  • Customers: Average in numbers
  • Pricing: Higher
  • Size: 200+ writers
  • Refund Policy: Not mentioned on website

Company Information

The company has no information about their existence on the website. In about us section also in spite of sharing information about the company, they are promoting themselves.

Their presence on the internet is not strong. Their assignment quality is just average and they lose their quality standards under pressure, during peak seasons.

Their assignment is not much appreciated in the market. The students who took their services were not satisfied.

They don’t share any physical address or any phone number on the website.

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Assignment Quality 

Their quality standards are just average. As they are in developing phase of the business, so their main focus if reaching out to more customers. They give second priority to the assignment quality.

Writers are they are not much qualified due to which their assignment quality is bad and gets negative reviews feedback.


The company has around 200+ writers and many of them are perusing their graduation. Only less number of writers has completed their graduation. And just a few writers have completed their masters.

The numbers of the writers are less in the company that is why they have given to write for other subjects as well, in which they have no expertise.


Their pricing is not competitive. They charge a little higher in general.

The following screenshot shows their rates. There are other companies in the market those are offering fewer prices for these services and are present in the market for many years.


Their delivery standards are weak as they couldn’t fulfil their deadlines.

In normal days they struggle hard to maintain the deadlines and somehow up-to an extent they succeed. But during seasons when lots of orders come in line becomes very challenging from them and they start failing the deadlines.

At the end of the page, I have shared the review of an unsatisfied customer about their delivery standards.

After Sales Support 

Their support system is very weak.

On the website, they do not share any phone number…why?

They are in the assignment industry where a customer remains connected to the company till he submits that assignment in his college and college accept that without any issue.

Since placing an order, a customer should feel free to connect with the company. But here there is no procedure which can help him in an emergency. If his college has returned his assignment, or the assignment has a grammatical error, or the assignment submission date has changed, whatever it could be the reason where a student needs instant help from the company and he will be disappointed because there is no instant procedure to help him.

Refund Policy 

The company has a refund policy but it is very hard to clear that.

On the web, the company has gained mixed reviews about their refund policy. Some were in their favour and some were highly against. But, overall it is Ok in terms of refunding the money.

They refund half money if the student gets fail in the assignment.

My Analysis 

Their reputation in the market is weak.

The website is more appealing and efficient enough to drive the customer to place the order.

The company does not have a stronghold in their operating procedures.

Customers feedback over many other sites 

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