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Amy Bella's expert advice on - AustralianHelp

The company does not share concrete information about their existence and their policies, losing trust.

The company main customer base in schooling students and they are not excelled in providing senior level assignment work.

They prominently show multiple free services against any order – In reality, these are obvious services that are being offered to every customer on every website. This is just a promotional act.

Their competitive price is also higher.

To avoid wrong selection on your assignment services, read the reviews first, in the same contest australianhelp review is also important. review - Home

Company Overview

  • Headquarter: No information (No Address on website)
  • Serving Country: All countries (*Australia specifically)

Service Overview

  • Services: Essay, Dissertation, Assignments
  • Discount: Yes - On first order and on bulk order
  • Customers: Less in number
  • Pricing: High (*competitively)
  • Size: 146+ writers
  • Refund Policy: Not concrete (*Hard)

Company Information

They are not much older in the assignment industry. The company is only 4 to 5 years old. Also - No Address, No About-Us section – Isn’t this done intentionally?

They put multiple testimonials on the website to praise themselves – seems fake if you observe minutely. This is just a promotional act.

The company claims to offer services for all countries but share no light on their existence. On the website, they do not cover any physical address of their office.

I don’t understand why they hide their location if they are genuine. While chatting with Customer support executive – I got to know that they are based in Cyprus. The screenshot of the chat is below where the customer support says – They do not post such information on the website and their physical address is not important – My question is if you claim to present in Australia or Uk, or Us, you must be having an address, why to hide that address. Isn’t that question on their reliability?

The website doesn’t have the about-us section, again that is unprofessional. This shows that they are not interested in sharing their information.

I searched their services on Google and got to know that they are prominently coming on first or second page because they are spending well on online reputation. While their services are not much reliable in the assignment industry – that has created my interest to write on australianhelp review.

Assignment Quality

For quality of their assignment you can check their online samples, that is good but not assurance that they will follow the same standard with your assignment too. Though on the website their quality standard may seem impressive but those are not genuine. The quality of the assignment is average.

Company praises its quality through testimonials on their own website. But, if you look at the customer reviews over other website, the scenario is different. Lot of customers has shared australianhelp review over other websites (snapshot below), questioning the reliability and consistency of their quality standards.


The company itself claims to have 185 writers only, the information is available on their homepage (snapshot below) but the reality is different. Australianhelp does have less than 150 writers – Only.

On the website, under the writer’s section, only 146 writer’s detail is shared. If there are 185 writers working with the company, then why the list contains only 146 writers?

Experts are not highly qualified and not able to handle senior level assignments, as the company hires only graduates and undergraduates (website snapshot as below).

The less numbers of writers are bound to writer on multiple subjects, decreasing the quality of the assignments.


I don’t understand why their cost is higher. Neither they are a big brand nor they assure quality standards, still, their charges are higher.

For high-school standard, with 7 days of the deadline for one page they charge 16.55$, which is comparatively higher.

The pricing structure is a bit higher in the industry. For senior-level assignments, it is exceptionally higher. review - Price


Their delivery assurance is just a fake promise. They have fewer writers and they are not highly qualified. Whenever they get the senior-level assignment they have to look for writers and in this process, they miss the deadlines and lose some customers.

For the school-level assignment, you can expect on-time delivery during off seasons. But during peak season, even school level assignments get delayed. review - deadline missed

After Sales Support

The website has one phone no and live-chat support. The company claim to be available for 24x7 but the reality could be different.

In some cases, people spend many hours to connect with customer care for revision work (snapshot attached below). review - Support

The live-chat support also does not respond to any extended help, they suggest calling on provided number, which remains either busy or out of network.

Yes, the support is not bad for general inquiry. Their support system only gets unresponsive when you need any extended help like multiple revision, refund etc.

Refund Policy

They mention on the website that they offer refunds. But it seems incorrect because they have not mentioned any guideline to process the refund, nor they really do that. There are multiple cases of not processing the refund (one snapshot is attached below). review - Review 3

Although it is one side of the coin, the other side also exists – I mean, during the research, I got some positive australianhelp review on refunds, but the majority was against the company.

My Analysis

The website has designed to lure the customer and gain good ranking in search engine.

The customer reviews on the websites are just promotional act and no reliability.

The writer’s section has static information whereas the website designer wanted to show this section as dynamic. You can easily find some writers searching for orders – they remain searching if you visit next day, or after a week or later because, this is an act of fooling the website visitors.

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