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Amy Bella's expert advice on - CustomAssignmentServices

The company shares no information about their existence on the website. They do a portrait to be in the market for a decade but their website seems like just a beginner.

Their website is appealing and they would have spent a good amount in website ranking but they are not focusing much on the business coming through the website.

I do not get much information about the company on the internet this is only possible because they would be having a small customer base or nothing.

Personally, I do not recommend this website - as of now. It is quite possible they could do better in future. - Home

Company Overview

  • Headquarter: No information (No Address on website)
  • Serving Country: Not specific

Service Overview

  • Services: Essay, Dissertation, Assignment
  • Discount: On first order
  • Customers: Less in number
  • Pricing: High (*competitively)
  • Size: 100+ writers
  • Refund Policy: Yes (*Hard)

Company Information

The company claim to started in the USA and serve all countries. Their presence on the internet is not strong.

They mention that they are in the market for a decade but it is not possible that a company doesn’t have significant data over internet whose business is purely based on the internet.

The website development part is in progress. The following section does not work. The blog page is empty and links are not working.

Assignment Quality

The company is in its initial stage that’s why their main focus is on building resources. They hire few writers are they are not much qualified due to which their assignment quality is bad and get negative reviews feedback.

In some cases, due to under pressure to complete the assignment within the said timeline they copied the material from other sources and their customers have to pay their cost.


The company has around 100+ writers and many of them are perusing their graduation. These writers remain under immense pressure to complete any assignments whether it belongs to their field or not.

They have to read first before writing other field assignments. What would have been their assignment quality, you can easily imagine.


Their pricing is not competitive. They charge a little higher in general. But I also read that they offer a good price for some specific subjects. This is done only in those cases when a company has more writers in any particular fields and they are ready to do the assignment in lower price.

The following screenshot shows their rates. In the market, there are companies whose pricing is much lower and those are present in the market for many years.


Their delivery standards are weak as they couldn’t fulfil their commitment during the season.

In normal days they struggle hard to maintain the deadlines and somehow up-to an extent they succeed. But during seasons when lots of orders come in line becomes very challenging from them and they start failing the deadlines.

I think they should increase their bandwidth and resources to maintain the deadlines because it is one of the main factors which can build or ruin their reputation.

After Sales Support

Their support system is very weak.

They do not share any phone number on the website neither their chat support remains live. The only available way is to mail your query and wait for the revert.

This is a very unprofessional way to deal with your customer. - Support

Refund Policy

The company has a refund policy but it is very hard to crack.

Some students also claim that they have requested to make some changes in the assignment and company took a long time to deliver the revised assignment, and when these students asked for the refund, the company has denied it saying that they have already delivered the first copy of the assignment before the timeline.

But it it also true that if they qualify the refund they process it immediately without delay.

My Analysis

The company does not have a stronghold in their operating procedures.

Their reputation in the market is weak.

The website is more appealing and efficient enough to drive the customer to place the order.

Customers feedback over many other sites - Review 3 - Review 5