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Amy Bella's expert advice on - Edubirdie

The company is known for its fair assignment services.

This company is in the market for a few years and within this time period, they have gained good customer numbers.

They are operating a referral program. With this referral program, they have succeeded to gain more students in their database but these students are not loyal to their services. They just go to gain discounts and referral benefits.

The company shares no information about its existence.

They do not show pricing on the website, which is not a professional approach.

Their assignment quality is good but they have to work harder to make it best. review - Home

Company Overview

  • Headquarter: No information (No Address on the website)
  • Serving Country: Not specific

Service Overview

  • Services: Essay, Dissertation, Assignment
  • Discount: On first order and referral
  • Customers: Good in numbers
  • Pricing: Competitive
  • Size: 400+ writers
  • Refund Policy: Yes

Company Information

The company has no concrete information on the website - about their offices, their base country and their years of existence in the assignment industry. Still, they have good brand visibility.

Their about us page is a promotional section where they talk about their service and benefits rather than own self and own existence.

They also have good referral programme as shown below - review - Referral

Assignment Quality

Their assignment quality is good. They have mixed reviews on the internet. It is hard to make any concrete decision about their service quality. But the majority of the reviews were in their favour.

These assignments are written by writers who have commented over the subjects and easily get good marks. But it is also true that you need not to expect much about their quality during seasons. During peak season they get more orders than they can handle and their assignment quality decreases.


They have around 400 writers and few associated freelancers. The majority of them are graduates and only a few percentages of their writers are highly qualified.

These writers are dedicated and perform their job with sincerity. During research,  I have come across a review written by their own writer who was highly unsatisfied his company’s payment structure as the company delay in paying their commissions. In the result, these kinds of writers put their effort to write the worst assignments to defame the company.

The company needs to keep them happy only then it can maintain its growth.


The pricing of the company is average. They do not share any comparative sheet on their pricing structure but many students have written good reviews about their pricing structure.

But it is also true that for advanced level work their charges are much higher than their competitors.


In general, the company tries hard and their all efforts to fulfil all promises but sometimes the student face issues in deadline. I have shown some snapshots which are mentioned in the last of this page stating how are their delivery standards.

But reviews are there when the company misses the deadline because they don’t lack in bandwidth or the expert is unable to deliver the assignment on the given time.

After Sales Support 

On the website, one phone number and live chat support option are there to connect with support staff.

Their support staff is cooperative and supportive.

Up to some standards, I want to appreciate their support service. They have clearly mentioned on their website that they are ready to accept substandard assignments to make necessary modifications.

Refund Policy 

Cases have found when they have denied refunding the amount because of deadline mismanagement. But in general, they don’t bother much in processing the refunds.

My Analysis 

The website has multiple pages for almost all kind of writing services.

The main objective of the website is to gain more visitors and convert them into sales, which is being accomplished as they have a very interactive website.

They have to increase their quality standards and share their pricing on the website so that anyone can make a comparative analysis of their work and pricing with their competitors before placing an order. review - Review

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Refund issues

Reviewed By Smith  on   16 Dec, 2020

I just recently order 3 days ago for an essay, and told the specialist to cancel it since the deadline was already pass due. The specialist said okay we will handle all of it. So I proceed to leave all the responsibilities on their hand. Couple day later I get no refund and writer still intent to finish it after I told them not to. Not planning to come back soon or later. If you are planning to purchase their service, just don't. Go use pendragon

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Not satisfy

Reviewed By James  on   15 Dec, 2020

I just literally paid for a quote to be told the transaction was declined. I have verified the money left my account! I have emailed them and am waiting for an urgen...

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James 15 Dec, 2020
I have verified the money left my account