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Amy Bella's expert advice on - EssayClick

The company is based in Atlanta but offer their services for all across the world. The website is tricky which is made with an intention to give all the necessary services which are needed by any student. They have mentioned all these services but don’t give much content on those…a promotional act.

They are in the market for a few years and their services are good. They are known for their promises but don’t forget they are in the market not for the charity they give attention to all those parameters which can drive their sales and revenue.

Their writers are good but most of them are not from English speaking countries so sometimes their assignments get caught.

Their pricing is a little higher. They need to work on their pricing structure to gain more customers, who leave this website because of their higher pricing. review - Home

Company Overview

  • Headquarter: Atlanta, GA
  • Serving Country: All Countries

Service Overview

  • Services: Essay, Dissertation, Assignment
  • Discount: On first order
  • Customers: Average in numbers
  • Pricing: High (*competitively)
  • Size: 450+ writers
  • Refund Policy: Yes

Company Information

The company is in the assignment industry for a few years and they have gained a good customer base. The website is made to lure the customer and deliver all those services which a student may need in its academic career.

They have categories their services in simplest form under three headings – Writing, editing and presentation. Which makes it easy to understand and catchy, different from the trend.

They do not talk much about their experts. They have a considerable number of writers but they need to increase their bandwidth soon. Sometimes it is observed that during peak season they have to struggle hard to complete the work within time. review - Home

Assignment Quality

Their assignment quality is above than average in comparison to other players in the market. During research over the internet, I have come across many reviews about the company. Many reviews were in their favour but lots were against as well.

In general, their assignments get average or good grades but sometimes it is also been seen that students get fail in their assignment as it has been caught by the college administration stating that students have got it written by someone else.


The company claims to have a few thousand writers under their agreement but is it no true for any company. No company has 100% in-house writers; they do have few freelancers as well.

The company has around 450 writers and a majority of them are from non-English speaking countries. A good number belongs to Russia. Their writing style and word preferences get caught sometimes.


The pricing structure of the company is higher than the other players in the market. It is their main field of improvement. For one page write-up, under college, their cost is more than 15$ while other companies are giving good quality within that price range.

Their pricing list is displayed here –


The company is known for keeping its promises. In normal days they somehow maintain their deadlines but during peak season they fail. But the percentage of failure is just 4% to 8%.

After Sales Support

The website has a phone number and lives support as well and hence anybody can connect with the support team immediately.

Their support staff is good and experienced.

They offer their extended elf until you will not bother them for second or third-time revision. After that, they wouldn’t help.

Refund Policy

The company has a refund policy. Their refund policy is straight and simple.

Any customer has to convince the support team by providing them with the basic details of the issue and they process the refund if the request is genuine.

My Analysis

The website is good. It is strategically designed to lure the customer and give all the information he needs in a simple manner.

They don’t have writers section and testimonial section because the company management thinks it is not needed to bring the sale…which is correct up-to an extent but it can have more advantages if it kept in the website theme.

Their pricing in the main area of improvement.

Customers feedback over many other sites