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Amy Bella's expert advice on - Grademiners

The company has a number of cases of over-commitment and under delivery.

Their assignment quality is average but they lose their quality standards during peak seasons. The main cause of low quality is less number of qualified experts.

Their competitive prices are higher.

They claim to accept for revision for the multiple times to meet-out customer’s expectation, which is again not correct. Usually, they help in first revision only. For the second revision, you hardly notice any change in assignment work.

The website is good in view but lack in Expert and Contact Us section which makes it less reliable.

The website does not have any physical address mentioned - again losing reliability.

Grademiners Home page

Company Overview

  • Serving Country: Not specific, all countries
  • Headquarter: US (no address on the website)

Service Overview

  • Services: Essay, Dissertation, Assignment
  • Discount: First Order + Referral program
  • Customers: Average in number
  • Pricing: Little higher
  • Size: 300+ writers
  • Refund Policy: Yes (*average)

Company Information

The company is not among the list of popular assignment services but has some presence over the internet.

In their about us section, they have mentioned that their operation started in 2009 in the US, which is incorrect. They do not have any physical address mentioned anywhere on their website. Have you ever seen any good company do not have their contact us section on their website? You can easily imagine the professional standards of the company.

The company has promotional programs to increase the reach almond users. They offer 50$ on one successful referral order and 15% off on the first assignment – That is good.

The company claims to have 3500 writer, which is again incorrect. They just have a bunch of writers who are the backbone of this company (eg mentioned in expert section).

On the website, they themselves have rated 4.9 on the scale of 5. It is a promotional act. It will not be a surprise if they rate 5 out of 5. But the market says something else; a lot of customers are not satisfied with their content quality, refund policy.

Assignment Quality

Though on the website their quality standard seems impressive whereas the genuine feedback of students is different. As per the observation – In the offseason the chances of the quality assignment is 70% but if it is peak season the assurance of getting a quality content reduced to 30%.

Some assignment contains simple grammatical errors. How this could be possible if they have such qualified experts who have cleared English grammatical test with 20 out of 20, as they claim in their website (snapshot below).

Some numbers of students said that their write-up does have plagiarized content. Though their assignment plagiarism report was Ok, but when they submit the same assignment in university that got rejected due to plagiarized content.

The company does not have back up of experts to meet the demand and that is why they are bound to provide less quality assignment.

They very well know their loophole that’s why they have allowed the customer to request for rework for multiple times.

In the last of this page, I have shared student’s feedback on other websites, on the quality standard of the company.


Content’s quality is the backbone of assignment industry, which is ensured by qualified content writers. That is why a good company ensures to have qualified writers.

They claim to have an unrealistic figure of 3500 writers but they fail to cover the writer's detail on the site, again - an act to fool the audience.

The company proudly mentions having more than 3500 writers, whereas - In reality, they only have around 300 writers. During academic seasons they struggle hard to meet the deadlines. Multiple cases of low quality and late delivery occur during the peak season.

Few students, who have used their services, have shared that the first copy of their assignment was highly incorrect as if it was written by a writer which has no command over the subject. While the second edit was somehow better – Don’t be surprised if an economist writes a philosophical topic for your assignment.


The pricing structure is not appreciated. Their charges are little high in the industry.

The price of an assignment depends upon various parameters like topic, length, deadlines etc. but to understand the cost-effectiveness we take an example -

For a general write-up of 250 words, with one week of deadline cost around 10$ to 12$. But the cost of grademiners for the 275 words, is 17$, which is around 40% higher.


In time delivery of the assignment is another area of improvement. During peak season they fail to meet the deadlines.

While most of the time they meet the deadlines. Cases have been seen when have not met the deadline and rejected for edit also.

On the website, they have mentioned that they consider multiple requests for any edit. But it is conditioned to the availability. During peak seasons writers remain busy in fresh assignments so they try to delay the edits and if 2 week time is passed after 1st delivery, your request for edit would be rejected.

After Sales Support

The website has a phone number & live-chat support and hence anybody can easily contact the customer care for any help.

The support team usually stuffed with answers that can be asked but when it is needed to request for revision of an assignment, their support gets limited.

Cases have been seen when students have asked for the revision of their assignments as they were not happy with it, the support team got the revision done with not many improvements, and rejected the second request for an edit.

Refund Policy

The refund policy of the company is OK. On the website, they claim to refund full amount if you are not happy with the content quality even after multiple revision, which is not followed straightforward.

They have clearly mentioned - All refund requests undergo a confirmation procedure. This confirmation procedure is long, that may take 2 to 3 weeks. And it is a trend that has observed that if a refund request took more than a week that will get rejected sooner or later.

My Analysis

The website has multiple pages for almost all kind of writing services, this is an act of promotion to gain a higher rank in search engine, whereas they do not have qualified content writers in that field.

They themselves have rated 4.9/5 which is incorrect. If you calculate the percentage of total no of 5 Star vote, you will get the answer.

They have given the free paper to download, few tools like – Title page generator, Plagiarism checker, Citation generator, which is good. But this does not add value to the student as these tools are easily available on Google.

Customers feedback over many other sites