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Amy Bella's expert advice on - MyAssignmentHelp

The Company does not fulfil the standard of – Quality content, Expert’s qualification, its Delivery timings and After Sales Support.

The main objective of the company seems to gain orders only. They do not focus on quality delivery. The payments to their experts are less, that’s why only less qualified experts are working with this company. Their pricing is competitive but refund policy is very strict. Their cost remains similar to their competitors even after 30% discount – Probably this is just a way to fool the customers.

Company Overview

  • Headquarter: Australia
  • Serving Country: All countries

Service Overview

  • Services: Essay, Dissertation, CDR
  • Discount: Yes (Sometimes)
  • Customers: Dissent number
  • Pricing: Competitive
  • Size: 400 writers +
  • Refund Policy: Yes (*Hard)

Company Information

The about us section of this website seems like a promotion material, rather than a company information. In spite of talking about their origin, their past and their start, they are more interested in showing their goodness – Highly disappointing.

The Home page has great figures mentioned to showcase their dominance in the industry, which is highly irrelevant; the reality is far away from these figures. They have big bases of unsatisfied customers. What quality services they are offering, can be easily understood by the feedback of students who have used MAH services in the past (few feedback snapshots are attached in the last of this page).

MAH claim about “x” no of satisfied customers seems irrelevant, as their quality content is not that good. Their deadlines are also not followed every time, still they claims to have great numbers of satisfied customers.

Assignment Quality

If a simple assignment written by a PHD holder has spelling mistakes and rated B grade, what would be the quality, anybody can easily imagine. If, a high discount is their business model, how can they assure the quality? Their focus is to maintain the average quality.

An average quality just scores average marks. If the students ask them to get the assignment done by a real expert – they can charge higher as the real expert has his own pricing standards and the company would not agree to lose its profit.


The expert section of the website contains the details of experts associated with the company, which seems dicey. Most of them are highly qualified as the list comprises PHD holders, Master degree holders and many more, but the quality of their simple assignment is not able to achieve even “A” grade. The reality is – Their experts are not well qualified.

Either the experts are not qualified or they are not happy with their commission structure that’s why their assignments get bad grades.

The website has given liberty to submit your question to any expert but as soon as you writer your question and submit button, it will relocate you to the order page, which is again unprofessional – Either you do not commit, if you commit then fulfill.


The advertisement over Google and over their own website clearly indicates 30% off. But it is subject to condition. If you pay them $315 in advance only then you can expect this offer. But for an assignment worth of 100$ you need to pay 215$ in advance. Probably 1% will be agreeing to this term. That means this offer is not for general people – this is an act of fooling.

The website allures visitors to take orders by giving them high discounts, but actually it is not a discount but a trap.

The pricing structure is not unique, although they offer 10% to 30% discounts but even after 30% discount the competitive pricing of any assignment is similar with the competitors.


In this standard they are average. On the website they showcase the best delivery timings but user feedbacks are mixed. Cases are also acknowledged when they delivered the assignment after few hours of the deadlines and not agreed to refund the money because customer has asked them to make some changes in the final assignment. As per the mixed feedback on delivery timings I consider they as average.

After Sales Support

The after sales support is also average. For the first edit they would not bother you but for the second edit they won’t help, even though the final edit is not up to the mark.

Refund Policy

The refund policy of the company is hard. They do not favor refund. They try hard to convince the customer to agree to the low stand content but not ask for the refund. They process refund in extreme cases only.

My Analysis

This Company has a good presence over internet through multiple website. That means they are spending a lot on online reputation. But here is the catch – there are many companies whose online expense is comparatively less but their quarterly revenue is much more than these companies, why? Because, in spite of spending on online advertisements they are more concerned about customer satisfaction – they expend on hiring qualified experts and delivering quality contents. Their mode of advertising is word of mouth.

Customers feedback over many other sites