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Amy Bella's expert advice on - MyAssignmentService

The company put no light on its existence. On the website neither they have any physical address mentioned nor do they share any location on their about us page.

The company offers their services to every country but they claim that their major customer base is in the USA.

To get more idea about their existence when I did research I have also found that they do not have any old in the market. Their writers are qualified but they are from non-English speaking countries and their assignments sometimes get caught because of that.

Their support service needs a big improvement.

But, overall it is ok. - Home

Company Overview

  • Headquarter: No information (No Address on website)
  • Serving Country: Not specific

Service Overview

  • Services: Essay, Dissertation, Assignment
  • Discount: On first order
  • Customers: Average in number
  • Pricing: High (*competitively)
  • Size: 300 writers
  • Refund Policy: Yes

Company Information

The company has a decent website but some important elements not given much value. They do not share their head office details. Their about us page is equipped with more of promotional matter rather than their business information.

Their pricing is also having negative reviews on the internet. They are not the market leader nor have they emerged as a brand then why they offer higher pricing, is questionable.

Their support system is weak. You can’t connect with the support team on chat. Their phone number remains busy.

Assignment Quality

The quality of the assignment is average. During research on their quality standard, I found many reviews about their quality.

Out of these mixed reviews which I have found on other websites, which were written by other students, the majority were in their favour.

But some reviews were highly promoted in which students got fail due to plagiarism.


The company claims to have a strong team of writers but the reality is far away from the figure they claim. They have around 300 writers.

These writers are well qualified but from non-English speaking countries. Because, they are not from English speaking countries, sometimes their assignments get influenced by some regional language, which may create an issue.

In general, it does not get caught but cases have been found when the assignment has been observed deeply and found the language influence.


Their prices are little higher. They also incur some additional charges for proofreading the assignments and originality report of your order, which is a free service offered by other competitors. - Price - Price II


They are above average in maintaining the delivery standards.

In normal days they found no issue in meeting the deadlines but on other days especially during the season, they have to struggle hard to meet the deadlines.

 If they want to increase their customer base and maintain a brand name in the market they have to increase the writer’s numbers.

After Sales Support

It is one of the main areas of improvements although they got some positive reviews from their customers. Their support system is not well equipped.

They have mentioned one phone number on the website, which remains busy and takes a long time to connect with the support team.

They also have live support button which is actually not a live system. You need to put all your detail first along with your query and push the send button, and keep waiting for their revert…again very unprofessional.

Refund Policy

Their refund policy is quite simple and straight.

If their support staff qualify your refund request they do not take much time to process that request.

My Analysis

The website is quite simple and focused to gain good ranking on Google.

They share not much information about themselves.

Their live chat support is not working properly. They need to fix it as soon as possible. A customer who is willing to connect with company can’t connect easily.

Customers feedback over many other sites

myassignmentservice review - Review 3
myassignmentservice review - Review 3