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Amy Bella's expert advice on - PaperDoers

The company has gained good number of loyal customers in a few years. Their main USP is quality and pricing.

PaperDoers is based in USA. Their main customer base is in US, Australia and UK. They have good numbers of native writers who are well versed with the academic subjects and have good years of past experience, due to which they can provide quality assignments which can acquire good grades.

Their pricing is competitive. In some cases it has also been seen that they offer better price quote than their competitors. - Home

Company Overview

  • Headquarter: US
  • Serving Country: All countries (*US Specifically)

Service Overview

  • Services: Essay, Dissertation, Assignment
  • Discount: On first order and on bulk order
  • Customers: Huge in number
  • Pricing: Competitively
  • Size: 2500+ writers
  • Refund Policy: Yes

Company Information

The company is based in the US and has good numbers of writers form US only. Although their main customer base is not the only US, they also entertain orders from all over the globe and especially from countries like Australia, UK, Singapore, Mexico, Russia and the US. is growing at a fast pace and as they have sound resources of writers they offer good quality in reasonably cheaper rates. This is the reason their loyal customers are growing and they come back again for some locality bonus and quality assurances.

Their main writers are based in US and others are based in the UK, NewZeland, USA and other English speaking countries.

PaperDoers is known for its commitment. They deliver the best quality in an affordable price range and never cross the deadline.They offer paper writing service and they consider themselves as the best company in terms of quality.  

PaperDoers Assignment Quality

The quality of the assignments is highly appreciated. In the past decade, they have spent mainly on quality assurance rather than advertising. 

Their writer selection process is specific and advance, due to which they choose, qualified writers who are willing to work with them in long run.

Many reviews are available on other websites, written by colleges students that they are not affordable sometimes but PaperDoers quality is unmatched. If they charge higher, they deliver the best in the paper writing industry.

PaperDoers Writers

The company has in-house 1K writers and 1.5K as freelancers.

These writers are mainly based in the US, Canada, Australia and Singapore and the company also has the main customer base mainly in these countries.

As consequences, qualified native writers are writing the native assignments. Their languages are regional and naturally, their assignments get good grades. - Expert

PaperDoers Price

Their prices are competitive. While browsing through PaperDoers review over other sites to get an extensive idea of customer satisfaction, I found appreciating reviews about their pricing structure.

In some cases, students were so satisfied with the assignment quality that they were ready to spend more for their work.

Customers were more happy about their achievements rather than their PaperDoers pricing structure.

PaperDoers Delivery

On-time delivery helps in creating a positive image in the industry that the company has gained in the past few years.

As they are backed up with a good number of writers they don't struggle to maintain the deadlines.

Even in the peak season they easily maintain the deadlines of the assignments.

In an instance, I met a review written on stating that the student had just a few hours left to submit the assignment. He indulged in other college-level activities that he missed the date. There was no hope left except going for online assignment writing companies. He was confused to choose which would be best to choose. His friend suggested that he is left with a few hours so don't take a chance and go on He has submitted his order with a strict deadline of 3 hours. He clearly mentioned that if the assignment id delayed even for 10 minutes, he would not pay the amount. He knew that in less time other Paper writing companies give just average work with many errors. He expected the same but as he has paid little higher to the PaperDoers he expected better work. When it was 10 minutes were left to three hours he got his paper. He read the work and didn't get any correction. When his paper got good grades he specially came on the website to say thanks to the company. 

PaperDoers After Sales Support

Their support staff is polite and helpful. In the last of the page I’ll share the screenshot of one satisfied customer who talk about his experience with the sales staff.

The staff is experienced and they help their best to convert an unsatisfied customer to get reasonable solution so that they come back for next order.

PaperDoers Refund Policy

The company believes they offer their best in maintaining the quality. They also do not lack in delivering within timeline so they do not encourage refund (*in general case).

But cases have also seen when they offer refund also. They have set of procedure which ensures that the customer is coming for genuine refund. Once they get sure about the genuinity of the case and they find some lacuna from their side they immediately process the refund.

PaperDoers My Analysis

Their website is simple and they more focus on maintaining the quality standers. They heavily spend on writers and process.

They believe that it is far better to spend on customer satisfaction rather than on extensive advertising.

Their simple website is straight to fulfil their objective. On If you read thoroughly, you would get the style of their writing it is quite impressive. A snapshot of their writing style is as below for reference. And I believe that it gives a clear understanding of their writing standards. review - writing style

PaperDoers Customers feedback over many other sites - review 3