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Amy Bella's expert advice on - ThanksForTheHelp

The company is very popular among the US and Australian students. In a couple of years, the company has grown faster than other companies in the same industry.

Their assignment quality is highly appreciated. In an average eight out of ten gets an A+ grade.

The company has a great number of writers; most of them are highly qualified too. Due to which they could maintain the assignment quality and on-time delivery.

The company is not only talking about business but also shows concern about students who are away from their native country, for that they are also coming with affordable accommodation option in a couple of months. - Home

Company Overview

  • Headquarter: USA & Australia
  • Serving Country: All countries (USA, Australia, UK specifically)

Service Overview

  • Services: Essay, Dissertation, Assignment
  • Discount: On first order and on bulk order
  • Customers: Huge in number
  • Pricing: Competitively
  • Size: 4200+ writers (1000 Registered + 3200 Freelancers)
  • Refund Policy: Yes

Company Information

TanksForTheHelp (TFTH) has two offices, one in USA and Other in Australia, although they accept assignments from any part of the world. Their main customer base in the USA, UK and Australia.

The students are being loyal to the company as they get both quality and best price assurance. In the last couple of years, the company has acquired tremendous growth in terms of customer numbers and their satisfaction.   

TFTH is also offering country based services in USA, Australia, UK, UAE, Canada, Malaysia, Singapore, Ireland and New Zealand.

While searching on ThanksForTheHelp review over other websites, I got many positive comments for their support staff, which clearly adds more points in the overall quality of the company.

ThanksForTheHelp Assignment Quality

This is the strongest point of TFTH. Their quality standards are tough and they only hire qualified staff, just to ensure the quality parameters. Most of the assignments get A+ grades, which indicate the quality standard of the company.

Just because they are good at providing quality assignments in competitive pricing, they are heading to their competitors. If they keep maintaining their quality standards for just a few more years, I believe they will lead the assignment industry.

While research I read a review written by a college student, who got admission in a premium college of New York and worried about his assignment. He was not good in Finance. He decided to take services from TFTH. He read ThanksForTheHelpReview over the internet. He was confused to read mixed reviews about the company. 

Finally, he took the call and decided to try Thanksforthehelp. He was surprised that he was among the top five students who have achieved A grade.

ThanksForTheHelp Writers

Thanksforthehelp is back-up by a great number of qualified writers. TFTH has around 1000 registered writers and 3200 happy freelancers. Most of them have done their Masters and many of them are PhD holders.

The company also maintains harmony among writers. The satisfaction level of the writers for working with the company is great. In the last of the page, you can find the review of a freelance writer, who has positively reviewed the company for its work process.  

ThanksForTheHelp Price

The company has a strong customer base because their marketing strategy is based on two things – First is the Quality and second is the Pricing.

Their pricing structure is competitive. They also offer a 10% discount on the first order.

ThanksForTheHelp has started an affiliate programme through which any student can get associated with the TFTH and earn great referral income.

The company is already offering discount on first order and this referral programme would be add on to the existing benefits.

ThanksForTheHelp Delivery

The company has a proven track record to maintain the deadlines. As they have a lot of writers, they can easily maintain in-time delivery.

While doing research on TFTH review, I got mixed reviews. And in students reviews, their delivery standards were highly appreciated. Students have also stated that during peak seasons when they get No form other websites to complete any assignment in just a few hours, they prefer TFTH, as they have assurance about their delivery timeline.

ThanksForTheHelp After Sales Support

On the website TFTH have mentioned two phone numbers - One for the US and other for Australia.

They have support staff and they are polite. Many students have changed their decisions after talking to support team. The company tries hard to maintain the positive customer experience throughout the channel that is why they hire qualified staffs that have good customer service experience.

For any kind of revision work, thanksforthehelp never denied to any user, even if it was for n number of times – said be a Mika, a student at the Australian university.

ThanksForTheHelp Refund Policy

TFTH has a simple refund policy and they stick to their guidelines. Other companies take a long time in verification and processing refund, whereas TFTH takes less time to process a qualified refund.

While submitting a refund request, Thanksforthehelp asks few supporting to verify your request; if your request is genuine you will get the refund within a week or maximum at the beginning of the next week.  

ThanksForTheHelp - My Analysis

The website is highly competitive. The website codes and architectural design is a matter of appreciation - Very neat and clean.

Their marketing strategy comprises with quality assurance and positive customer experience. That is why they have 95% of customer loyalty, which is very rare for any company to maintain.

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