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Amy Bella's expert advice on - Ultius

The company is quite old in the market, around five to six years, but they claim their existence for a decade.

The website design and architecture is quite simple but attractive. They have a recruitment section as well, which is not present is many other websites. This section builds the trust factor in the eyes of a visitor.

Their pricing is higher and testimonial section is poorly designed. It clearly gives a feeling that they are pricing themselves.

ultius review - Home

Company Overview

  • Headquarter: US (No Address on website)
  • Serving Country: All countries

Service Overview

  • Services: Essay, Dissertation, Assignment
  • Discount: On first order - 15%
  • Customers: Good in number
  • Pricing: High (*competitively)
  • Size: 600+ writers
  • Refund Policy: Yes

Company Information

The company claims to have their main customer base in the US, although they are serving many countries.

The website design is simple and focused to drive the new customer by luring them with new offers.

Their pricing is quite high in comparison with other market competitors.

Even though they are old in the market but their customers are not loyal as they avail their first-time offer and do not come for multiple repeated orders, because of various unspecified reason.

Out of these reasons, one main reason is their negligence to their previous customers as they give more value to their new customers – It is quite visible in the dealing of their customer service.

Their customer service is not good enough and this is one of their weak points. They do not talk much about their writers.

Assignment Quality

Their assignment quality is average, ie. They are good enough to score average marks but not able to score higher grades. The qualities of their assignments are not much appreciated.

In the last of this page I have attached few screenshots about Ultius review please go through the same to know more about Ultius review.


On the website, they claim to have 2000+ writers but it might be partially true because they have 600 writers as in-house writer and few freelancers as well. These writers don’t have a higher degree.

Most of them are just college graduate and they are working with the company along with higher studies.


Their pricing standards are higher. They offer one page write up at 15.5$ which is higher and the same services can be availed by other companies in less than 15$. The following screenshot explains their pricing

ultius review - Price for 1 page at School level


The company has a relatively high number of writers in comparison to other companies in the market. They don’t struggle much to maintain the delivery deadline but during peak season the situation becomes difficult.

They hire writers for part-time during peak season but these new writers are loyal for the company and they don’t maintain quality their standards, so during peak season, it is not recommendable to go for this service until and unless they increase their writer’s number.

After Sales Support

The company has one contact number on the website and live support as well.

But their support staff is not much helpful. They offer their help until and unless you ask for any extended help. If you are not satisfied with your assignment work and as soon as you ask for revision they don’t entertain your request.

Their support staffs are not professionally sound to satisfy the customers with logical explanations.

Refund Policy

The company has a refund policy but it becomes hard to crack sometimes. In general, they offer a refund but if you lack the information to claim your refund they reject your request, straightaway.

My Analysis

The website is designed to motivate the customer to place an order. They don’t talk much about their own expertise, their existence and their writers.

Customers feedback over many other sites